Today MPNDC programs focus on social justice issues related to community organizing , housing , economic development, safety , development and job training . Our programs are open and available to all residents and interested parties. 

Neighborhood Programs
  • South East Senior Lawn Care Program :  Our Lawn Care program works to hire local contractors to provide grass cutting, leaf removal  and snow plowing services to seniors of wards 1 and 2.

  • Street and Block Club Organizing Program : Our Street / Block Club is open to local community members looking to assist in the community organizing of the MPNDC in terms of block club events and programs.

  • Vacant Lot Cleanup Program :  Our Vacant Lot Cleanup Program will be used to maintain vacant areas within the Mount Pleasant community of Wards 1, 2 and 4. Our emergency response team program will connect with independent contractors to eliminate blighted conditions identified by the MDNDC staff.

  • Neighborhood Greening Program: The MPDNC will work to reclaim vacant land and utilize all vacant spaces for renovated green spaces for the Southeast side of Cleveland in order make these spaces livable for local community members with low or moderate income rates.

  • Neighborhood Cleanup Program:  Our Neighborhood Cleanup Program was created to provide services and improvements to to the Mt. Pleasant community that will work to remove or eliminate slum and blighted conditions that threaten the public health and safety of the Southeast side of Cleveland. 

  • Mt. Pleasant Senior and Health Info:

  • Neighborhood Marketing Program: MPNDC will provide the Mt. Pleasant Community with information and resources to inform residents of the services, events, resources and assistance that we provide. MPNDC will work to  produce quarterly and weekly newsletters, email blasts and social media posts along with monthly home improvement workshops and healthy living segments teaching healthy eating option for local community members.

  • Arts and Culture Program:  MPNDC will provide direct youth services for the surrounding youth of the Mt. Pleasant community. MPNDC will collaborate with neighborhood youth programs including MYCOM, Boys and Girls Club of Greater Cleveland, and the Cleveland Municipal School District to scout the youth interested in our local programs. The goal of our youth program will be to engage youth in bi-weekly community events while addressing several community youth issues. We will aim to expose the youth to new and creative approaches to deal with stress and anxiety.

South East Senior Lawn Care Applications Available Here





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